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    READ THIS Before applying Empty READ THIS Before applying

    Post  Vami on Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:09 am

    First of all thank you for considering our Legion. Please read our introduction here if you havn't already.

    Legion Rules:
    • You must be atleast 17 years old to apply, but more importantly is being mature, rare age exceptions may be made.
    • Be social, This helps everyone to get to know eachother and no one likes being ignored in legion chat.
    • We expect you to respect fellow members no matter what and the same goes for other Aion players
    • We are a casual legion and we will not be doing raids 24/7 but when we do them we still expect you to be there as many times as you can.
    • You have to be a team player, We did not create this Legion just so everyone could go around and solo stuff with <Falcon> under their name. This doesn't mean we forbid solo play, just that we want our members to feel like if they need any help, their legion will be there.
    • The character you apply with must be atleast level 25.

    • Your application thread should contain "Character name - Class"
    • Copy the form below and post it in your new thread and answer all the questions
    • If you're accepted an officer will look for you in-game, or you can send a tell to an officer in-game

    Application form


    Real Name:


    Where are you from:



    Character Name:




    Alts and their levels:

    Guild history and why you left:


    How many days and hours a week can you be online:

    We use ventrilo - can you use it and do you have a microphone:

    What do you seek in a guild:

    Why you? Why us? Tell us why you want to join and why we want you:


    Previous MMO experience:

    Did you have any raiding experience in those games and if so, what:

    What made you start playing Aion and what will keep you here:

    How did you find us:

    Do you know anyone in Falcon? If so, who:

    What do you prefer, PvP, PvE or a mix:

    What kind of PvP? World PvP, Fortress, Rifting etc:

    What kind of PvE? Questing and grinding, instances, raids etc:

    Feel free to add anything else not covered by the form that you think may be of interest.


    Sorcerer: OPEN
    Spiritmaster: OPEN
    Cleric: OPEN
    Chanter: OPEN
    Ranger: OPEN
    Assassin: OPEN
    Gladiator: OPEN
    Templar: OPEN

    You can still apply even if a class is closed, we might not have had the time to update the list or we could just like you enough to let you join us anyway.

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